Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Crafts Ideas for Kids

Written by Amanda Liljedahl
Wondering what else to do with those hand picked apples, now that the pies have been baked and applesauce made? How about letting the kids make some apple prints to hang up to welcome fall? Slice the apples in varying shapes, making sure some are sliced across the middle to get the seed imprints. After wiping dry, dip the fruit slices in a thin coating of red, yellow, or orange paint, then press onto white paper! Pear slices also add some variety to the fall fruit collage.

Another project my children and I came up with to help us get excited about fall was this hand print foliage tree.  First I traced each child's hand and arm on a brown paper bag, then they cut out along the lines and glued onto white paper.  This serves as the trunk and branches of the tree.  Next we crumbled up red, yellow, and orange construction paper and tissue paper into small pieces then glued onto the branches to look like leaves.  We glued the extra scraps near the base of tree to make a fresh fallen pile of leaves.  I hope you enjoy the change of the season and trying these crafts with your little ones!

About the Author
Amanda Liljedahl lives in Needham with her husband and five children (two boys, a set of identical twin girls and their newest addition, another girl). She chronicles her days which include arts & crafts projects, great recipes for the family and driving her kids from hockey practice and ballet to what's happening in her life as a mom, wife and friend on her blog The Little Lily Pad


  1. Great minds discuss ideas average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. See the link below for more info.


  2. Very inspiring and interesting. Thank you for sharing.


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