Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finding Strength Together

For us, Patriots Day started out as it did for most families around Boston - excitement about the marathon and full of plans to take the kids out to cheer on the runners.  We couldn’t have imagined that the same day would end with phone calls, emails and Facebook status updates to confirm family, friends, friends-of-friends and neighbors were safe. As the sun set last night, we found ourselves saying a prayer for the families of those who didn’t arrive home safe after their marathon adventures.

As parents we are struggling with how to make sense – both for ourselves and our children- of such a senseless act. Especially one that happened so close to home, in our town, our backyard, our Boston.   No matter how we appear, we have all been affected, and our sense of security shaken. We must work to rebuild it and to reassure our children. If like us, you are not sure what to say or how to comfort the little ones in your life, we found this advice incredibly helpful

Today, our hearts and thoughts are with all the runners and families affected by yesterday's tragedy. Our community and our city is strong and we will get through this together. We want everyone in the Parent Talk community to know that our love and support is yours.

Mary & Kate

photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

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